Oh fowl harpie of consumption. Two minutes after starting this blog and I have consumed!! I have fallen off the wagon and bought something.

Admittedly it is not book related. How could it be? How could my conscience survive if I had wandered from the path so soon after starting my journey? Never fear dear reader, it was music that has turned my head, and music that I know I will listen to again and again to thoroughly reclaim the £12 inc postage and packing that I have just paid.

“For what?” I hear you ask. Firstly, imagining that the internet is talking to me is a trifle odd. Especially when I have only told 3 people about this site so far! But you know, news travels fast, and I’m sure that people go back and read the dodgy first posts on really popular blogs, don’t they? Anyway, to answer the question, I just can’t get enough of Ben Howard (‘s music!), and there are signed copies of his new album up for grabs and priority access to his next tour, so you see, I kind of had to!

Link to Ben Howard flyer


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