Is there a Santa?

This is my first reblog! I took the plunge as this is such a great blog post.

It caught me slightly unawares. I love the sentiment that allows love, family and health to be gifts. I believed that, but had never really seen it written down. I also like the main “is there a santa” arguments. I am not religious, but belief is a powerful force in every life, and understanding how to use it is fundamentally important. My eldest son has just had his first, shall we say, “new style” Christmas and I was proud to see his belief morphing and changing in such a positive way.

Thank you for a great post

Post-Consumer Life


To Giovanni:

This is the first of many mornings for the rest of your life that you will be called on to wake up and believe. To believe in that which all evidence, precedent and rational thought tells you is not true.

Is there a Santa?

Well, what I can tell you is that, no, it does not seem possible that one person and eight flying (flying!) reindeer could travel at 1300 miles per second to deliver presents to 2.2 billion children in one day.

I can tell you that, as much as I tried to stay awake when I was your age, I have not seen him yet.

The only thing I have seen are the gifts. No, not just the ones under the tree, but the pile of gifts I have every morning when I wake up. Family. Love. Health. Each Other. Gifts that not everybody has, but…

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