Next Book – The Periodic Table by Primo Levi

I find myself slightly on the back foot as I write this hasty next book post. I am really enjoying The Woman in Black, but not more than Out of Chingford. I gave Out of Chingford a 5/5 rating on goodreads, but that will round down to a 9/10 on the final review (well, you can’t give a 10 can you!!) I really like the goodreads rating system BTW. I’m finding myself using that and doubling it for my ratings. Silly I know, but I started rating out of 10 and it would be a pain up the proverbial to change it now! For info, goodreads ratings are, and I paraphrase here:-

  1. Don’t touch it, even with someone else’s!
  2. OK, take it or leave it.
  3. Good Book, I enjoyed reading it.
  4. Great Book, I recommend it and you should really read it if you can.
  5. READ IT! rush out and buy it or you will not be able to breath tomorrow. It is fantastic!

So, Out of Chingford was a really good book. I think I will rate Woman in Black a 4/5, but although I’m not rating it as highly, I cant put it down! I have been reading it while walking along and took the opportunity to read at lunchtime today, both are things I haven’t done for a long time, at least since starting this blog. There is of course the possibility that I subconsciously want to get it over and done with, but I don’t think that is really the case. I am finding that I’m actually goading myself into being scared by it and doing it anyway…


Sorry, just realised that I have digressed. Quick post to announce the next book, then back to the reading!

My next book is The Periodic Table by Primo Levi. I chose it because I didn’t want to dive back into another fantasy or go towards sci-fi at the moment. Something based in reality felt right, maybe because I enjoyed Out of Chingford so much, but I think this is going to be wholly different! When I bought this book I actually thought it was about the periodic table, but on reading the blurb I am really interested to find out about Primo’s life and experiences. I get the feeling that it is going to be a very well written book, written in a slightly quirky style that partly diffuses the hard reality of a life that has seen some great suffering. Partly, but from the short reviews on the cover the book is “brave” and honestly confront and describes the facts of a life partly led in WW2 and the holocaust. Lastly, there is a review on the front cover. It starts “The book it is necessary to read next…” OK, so be it.


Next book – Lord Foul’s Bane by Stephen Donaldson

wpid-20150109_144108.jpgI’m about to get back into The good Jesus and the scoundrel Christ after a bit of a break. I began to slow down on the book a few days ago, but I have also had the MANFLU and therefore not gone too close to things that make me think. I should be able to finish The Good Jesus… pretty quickly, so even though I am getting a bit of a backlog of reviews having not manage to finish the Bill Hicks one yet, onwards with the reading. You know what I say;

“Look after the reading and the writing will look after itself.”

Well, you didn’t know I say that because I haven’t said it before, but it sounds good even though it’s not even remotely true.

But I digress. Right, back on track, where was I? Oh yes, there I was, how irresponsible to have misplaced such a well umm, anyway. Next book. Huzzah!

I have chosen Lord Foul’s Bane by Stephen Donaldson. I have got all of The First Chronicles of Thomas Covenant , The unbeliever. AAAnd, I have all of the Second Chronicles as well!! I am pretty sure that these books are quite highly regarded, and I think that there is a strong religious angle to them. I am imagining something akin to the David Gemmell Jerusalem Man themes? With a surname like Covenant and what with him being an unbeliever, something interesting is bound to happen! It will be interesting reading something else with a religious viewpoint after The Good Man Jesus… I think similar themes, but a world (or maybe two) apart.

“So, PoCo, you have 2 trilogies on your bookshelf, have you read any of them? I know that the only reason you bought them from that second hand shop a decade ago is because lots of people recommended them to you.”

PoCo hesitates and looks shifty “Um, well, never quite got round to them to be honest. I’m sure they are great…?”

As soon as I finish the current book, we will see, won’t we!