Books on the Loose (found one?)

* Disclaimer – This page expects me to release more books in the future. I have only done one so far, so it sounds a bit odd*

Well done you, you  have found your way here from right across the wilds of the interweb 🙂 If you are here, then you are either just plan nosy, or you have one of my books? Either way, hello there, thanks for dropping by 🙂

If you are the nosy type, then fine, you just come right on in and see what you can find.

If you have one of my books, then I guess you already found something, or were handed it, or, or, well, you tell me! Hopefully you have read the book in question, but even if you haven’t I’m really glad that you bothered to check in. It would be absolutely fantastic if you could find the book that you have in the list below. Links are to my original review of each book, so please add a comment to the review for the book that you have in your possession. It would be great if you could tell me at least approximately how and where you got the book and where it is going next (the more imaginative and far flung the better.) The icing on the cake would be for you to write me your own review, or comment on the one that I did… Anyway, thanks for getting involved. Unless you’re just being nosy, in which case, thanks for being nosy!


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